Mary Verhaegen

A story of five generations

The history of De Zalm goes back to 1515. Brewery and inn "De Salm" was located a few meters from the current hotel, on the corner of the "Grote Markt" and the "Zandstraat" (now a jewelry store).

In 1870, the owner, Eduardus Danckaerts, moved his business. He took up residence in the inn “In den Hertog van Brabant”, a few meters away, right opposite the town hall. Danckaerts died in 1871, and his widow continued the business until 1911.


In that year, the Verhaegen family took over the business. Verhaegen's wife, Maria Van Dijck (Moe Zalm), has a new building built in 1926 (photo below). The facade of this building was preserved during the restoration in 2000.


Her daughter Maria (pictured above) would become legendary, as would the bartender Wies. Maria will continue to run De Zalm into old age.


Since 1993, De Zalm has been run by her grandson, Frank Rastelli.

This means that the business is also part of the Rastelli Group, which deals with more than a century of experience in Lier, Diest, Heist-op-den-Berg and Tervuren guarantees a hospitable and cared-for stay with above all personal service.